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Helpful Hints

Be sure to evaluate the suggestion as it may or may not be the best
choice for your application or project. Test idea before using recommended

                 Have a tip to recommend - use "contact us" at left

Cleaning Tips

  • Bathtub Renewal: Rub wet tub with dryers sheets and rinse with hot water. May take several application on older tubs.

  • Carpet Rust Stains: Remove them with Zud cleanser.  Make a paste with water and Zud and rub rust marked area - use white old face cloth or color fast brush to avoid getting color from scrubber on carpet. Best to try on carpet in area to test color fastness of carpet

  • Stained Toilet Bowl: pour bottle of cola into bowl and let set over night.

  • Panel or Wood Renewal: Two products help bring old wood and paneling back to life one is "Liquid Gold" and the other is "Old English Scratch Cover"

 Repair Tips

  • Hole in a hollow core door?  Attach full length mirror to door

  • Removing old Glazing Compound From Broken Window: Use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat glazing compound as you scrape with putty knife.

  • Removing caulk around bathtub: Use a hair dryer and plastic putty knife to avoid marking tub

  •  Drafty window complaint: For a temporary fix use a peelable caulk on areas where draft is entering. End of season peel caulk off  

  • Avoid splintering wood with saw when you cut: use masking tape over line, make the cut and remove the masking tape

Car Tips

  • To Clean tar and insects of bumpers and lower panels: Baking soda and warm water and a old face cloth.

  • Remove minor scratches in paint: Use swirl remover in the wax section of auto parts



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