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Affordable Legal Services

Equal Justice For all 

You know you need an attorney when:

   *   A neighbor child is injured in your yard
   *   The IRS selects you for an audit
   *   A tenant fall down the stairs
   *   Your child throws a baseball though a car window
   *   You have an accident while driving a friends boat
   *   A merchant refuses to honor a guarantee
   *   You deceased spouse died without an updated will
   *   Your teenager is accused of shoplifting
   *   You get a traffic in another state
   *   A neighbor reports you for child abuse
   *   You are issued a subpoena
   *   Neighbor's dog barks all night
   *   Your car is damaged by a hit-and-run
   *   Your spouse claims rights to your earnings


Your legal plan benefits in brief:

   *   Unlimited phone conversation for personal or business related legal issues.
   *   Letter or phone calls made on your behalf
   *   Contract or document review
   *   Will preparation
   *   Traffic problem representation (speeding, suspended lic, accident
   *   Person injury/property damage collection assistance
   *   IRS audit legal services
   *   Defense for civil and job-related criminal charges

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